The Model 800 Solar Generator


This Model 800 solar generator was the first of our commercially available units! It's compact size, in addition to providing emergency power for home use, also makes it perfect for camping! It will reliably power anything within it's capability, including compact refrigerators and freezers, as well as provide charging capability for cellphones, i-Pods, etc. It will also power smaller items such as TVs, laptops, tablets, radios, etc. Combined with high-efficient CFL or LED bulbs, it will be able to provide much needed illumination when the power is out. Featuring a heavy-duty, 30 Amp charge controller, the Model 800 allows for easy solar array upgrades in the future. It will handle up to 4, 100 watt panels under most conditions. Both the base unit and any solar panel assemblies are mounted on wheels, which provide the ultimate in portability and ease of use. The entire system can be set up in 30 seconds or less! The ulta-sturdy construction of aluminum, copper, and stainless steel will provide for many years of demanding service with a minimum of maintenance. Modular construction, and clear instructions allow the owner to easily remove any malfunctioning component and return it to us for repair without having to box up and ship the entire unit. The finest warranty in the industry means you will NEVER have to pay any labor costs for ANY repairs, as long as you own the unit.  


  Base Unit Specifications:    

Assembled Dimensions: Height, handle extended: 39.5”; retracted: 25” x 17” D x 15.75” W

Assembled Weight: 84 lbs.

Inverter: Cobra 800 watt; 1600 watt surge capacity, with USB port

Battery Bank: 3- ML35-12 AGM Deep-cycle batteries, 35 Amp/hours each.

Battery Bank Capacity: 105 Amp/hours, 1,260 Watt/hours

AC Charger: CTEK Multi US 3300 12-Volt Smart Battery Charger; 3.3 amps charging current

Solar Charger/Controller: Instapark PRS-3030 PWM 30 Amp Solar Power Charge Controller.




 In addition to the Bill-me-later option from Paypal, we now offer a Lay-away option. For details, email us at:   

Base Unit Cost: $1,247.75

Free Shipping! (Continental US only)

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Purchase optional solar panel assemblies here.    


   Owner's Manual Download (PDF Format)  

Model 800 Solar Generator (original version)

Model 800 Solar Generator (rev.2, modified 7/21/2014)

Replacement power cords, 10' length. (These connect the internal AC charger to a wall socket, will not work to connect AC loads to the inverter!)

$14.50 Each

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