Sun Tracking Series

The first of their kind, available nowhere else. Fully portable, 2-axis sun tracking combined with an MPPT charge controller more than doubles the amount of energy harvested from the solar panels.

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A top seller! The Model 1500 series

A favorite for camping and home backup for power outages. This is the smallest unit that will power a full-sized refrigerator or freezer!

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Our Model 5000, with 120/240 volt power!

Designed for those who don't need a trailer-mounted unit, but still need to power items like deep-well submersible pumps and other large inductive loads, the Model 5000 packs a marine-grade, true sine-wave inverter that puts out a whopping 18,000 surge watts for 20 seconds to start the largest loads!

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Today’s electric power grid is extremely vulnerable to a variety of potentially crippling events, some natural, and some man-made.¬† A severe solar storm, an EMP attack with a high-altitude detonation of a nuclear warhead, or even simple computer hacking could cripple the grid, perhaps for days, and in several scenarios, decades. ¬†Unfortunately, in today’s uncertain world, and also given our dependence on extremely sophisticated and delicate semi-conductor chips and components crucial to almost every facet of our economic system, the possibility of a grid outage is at an all-time high. What can one do to prepare for such a potential catastrophe? Securing a renewable source of electric power for water pumps, refrigeration, and sanitation is a prudent step. Quantum Harvest manufactures a comprehensive line of portable¬†EMP-protected solar power systems, non EMP-protected smaller units, and premade Faraday boxes for the safe storage of electronic items. Our generator/power stations are hand-crafted machines made with the finest components, and out of honest aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. They are designed and built to last for generations.

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