These are some of the emails we have received from our customers. Names and addresses have been redacted for privacy.



Dear Quantum Harvest solar:

Just to let you know we received our generator yesterday, and got it uncrated and put together today. Our neighbor gave us a hand, as my husband is still recovering from surgery. We were very impressed with the packaging; everything arrived in great shape. When we assembled it, it went together fairly easily, although the batteries were quite snug. The manual was very clear. Jim, (my husband) is a retired engineer, and was very favorably impressed with the design. He said that it was obvious a great deal of thought had gone into it. We will keep you posted when we have had a chance to use it.

Thank you for a great product!

Best wishes;

A.J. in Tennessee

PS; our neighbor wants one too….




A quick note to update you….my model 3000 arrived last Friday, and I am glad we opted for motor freight, this thing is HEAVY! It arrived in perfect condition, although there was a corner of the wood crate pretty banged up. I put in the fuse, and fired it up. Right now, it is running everything, and when I get the panels hooked up tomorrow, I'll see how long takes to charge the batteries in this good Arizona sun. I am very happy with the obvious quality and workmanship. Very happy so far!

Yours truly,

R.B. in Arizona




Hey, I wanted to let you know my 2500 got here safely this morning. Looks good. I'll put it together tomorrow, and take it with us when we go on our camping trip this weekend. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your help and patience with my ten thouand questions…Take Care!

W.C. in Texas




Dear Gary,

You may not remember me, but my name is————–, and my husband and I bought one of your 3000's in June. We hadn't had to use it until just last weekend, when we lost our power due to a heavy thunderstorm that took down several poles on our road. There was a lot of damage in our area, and it took 2 days for ————- to restore power. Our generator kept our refrigerator and 2 freezers, as well as our well pump and cellar sump pump going all the first day, and the next night. The weather was sunny the second day, and we were able to get the solar panels out. The batteries were charged by the end of the day, and the power was back on by the next morning. Without our generator, our cellar would have flooded, and we'd have lost the meat in the freezers, as it was in the 90's all this time. Thank you so much for making a fine product!


C.S. in New Hampshire




Dear Quantumharvest,


We recently bought your model 1500, and finally had a chance to use it on a camping trip last weekend. All I can say is, wow! It ran all the stuff in the campsite, and ran the microwave in the camper as well as keeping all our phones and stuff charged up. The weather was overcast the first day, so the 300 watt panels probably didn't do much, but the next day was mostly sunny, and the machine was charged by 1:00 that afternoon. The generator made everything so much more enjoyable! Thanks!


L.R. in Ohio





We bought a model 5000 last month, and finally got our solar panels mounted last week; just in time, it turned out. We live out in the middle of nowhere, the town of——————–, and we lose our power all th etime. We had a severe cold snap last week, and predictably lost power during the worst of it. Our machine kept everything going, including our fridg, a 1 hp submersible well pump, lights, 2 freezers, and many heat tapes on water-pipes all over the farm. It also ran the milking pump, allowing us to get our cows milked. My only complaint is that it is very heavy, and was a bear to move over to the barn, then back to the house….maybe you could offer a bigger trailer with atv tires? Anyway, that's what teenage boys are for. My wife was reluctant at first, but she is a believer now! We plan to add additional solar panels and batteries as soon as finances allow. Kudos for a great product! Also, special thanks to Gerry. He patiently answered a million questions, both before and after the sale. Best wishes for 2015!


L.M. in Vermont




Hello Quantum harvest!


My wife and I recently bought one of of your generators, and the 3 panel solar panel. We were reluctant at first, as we had already bought a solar generator from –—————— last year. It was in a plastic box with little wheels that broke off first thing, and when we plugged our refrigerator in, it made a funny noise and quit. We got it restarted, and tried again. This time the fridge started, and ran for a few minutes, then quit again. We opened the lid where the batteries go, and it smelled very hot. It wouldn't start again no matter what. The guy we bought it from sent us a part, the converter, I think, but there was no instructions on how to install it. Long story short, we hooked it to the batteries wrong and it literally exploded. The guy did take it back, but all in all, it was a bad experience, as the shipping both ways was on us, and was expensive.


We had pretty much given up on the whole solar thing until our son bought one of your machines, one of the big ones, although I don't remember which one exactly. It was on a wagon with 4 wheels, and he uses it to run his well pump and a big air compressor. He has had his for about 6 months with no problems, even bringing to our house one night when we lost power, and his had no problem running our fridge, a freezer, our gas furnace and water heater, as well as our lights and TV, all at once!


After that we decided to buy the 2505, and couldn't be happier. It won't run everything atonce, but that's not a problem. It is much smaller and lighter than ————-'s machine; my wife, a small woman, has no problem wheeling it out of the closet where it's stored, and setting it up, even if I'm at work. We are very happy with it so far.



B.W. in Kansas

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