The Model 6000-80 TSW Solar Power Station



Our largest solar generator!

The Flagship of the Quantum Harvest line of portable, EMP-protected solar power systems! Features 1500 watts of built-in solar panels that can be raised and adjusted at the push of a button! This is our largest, most capable and versatile system, and, along with our smaller Model 5000-60 TSW, are the only portable solar generators anywhere that come standard with 240 volt AC output to run most deep-well pumps (or most anything else)!


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6000_coverpic1 solar generator 6000array_deployed  6000array_deployed2











Assembled Dimensions: 124” Long, including tongue, with the rear stabilizers retracted.

90“ Long, not including tongue 70” Wide by 68” High


Assembled Weight: 2,620 lbs.









Solar panels: 6, 320 watt panels; 1.92 Kilowatts total capacity


Battery Bank: 12, 110 amp/hr Deep-cycle AGM batteries.


Battery capacity: 660 amp/hrs @ 24 volts; 15,840 watt/hrs.


Inverter: 24 volt AIMS 6000 watt continuous duty rating, True sine-wave; 18,000 watts surge for 20 seconds to start tough loads


Inverter Output: 120/240 VAC, True sine-wave; +/- 5% THD max.


AC Charger: PowerMax 50 amp dedicated charger.








Solar charge controller: Midnight Solar 96 amp MPPT; can handle up to 2,300 watts of solar panels.


Mounted on a 4' x 6' trailer for full mobility



Model 6000 AC outlet boxModel 6000 Control Panel

Base price: $14,995.00**






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Due to the large size, and customizable nature, we do not stock these units. Please email us at for more information.




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