The Model 5000-60 TSW

Our fourth-largest EMP-protected, true sine-wave solar generator, featuring 120 and 240 volt AC power!

As of December 1st, 2019, we now offer Lithium Valley lithium-iron phosphate batteries as an option on our Models 5000, 6000, and all the ST Series.



Model 5000 shown with optional 250 watt solar panels

This model uses the same 6000 watt, marine-grade AIMS inverter as our larger models 6000 and ST 6000, and with it’s proven soft-start technology, will reliably start and power anything within it’s capability, even fussy items that will not run with cheaper, modified sine-wave inverters. It will run full-size refrigerators and freezers, table saws and chop saws, as well as most submersible deep-well pumps, and of course any hand-held tools, such as drills, grinders and circular saws, etc.

 It is not recommended to power large resistive loads like central air-conditioners,water heaters and electric space heaters.

Model 5000-60 overview








Assembled Dimensions: 57.5” Long (includes wagon tongue, base cabinet is 47”      Long), 24.75” Wide by 34.75” High

Assembled Weight: 840 lbs w/AGM batteries, and 495 lbs w/Lithium batteries.


Battery Bank:

Standard: 8, 110 amp/hr 12 Volt Deep-cycle AGM batteries

Optional: 8, 50 amp/hr 24V Lithium-iron phosphate batteries1

Battery capacity: 440 amp/hrs @ 24 volts; 10,560 watt/hrs.

Inverter: 24 volt AIMS 6000 watt continuous duty rating, True sine-wave; 18,000 watts surge for 20 seconds to start tough loads

Inverter Output: 120/240 VAC, True sine-wave; +/- 5% THD max.

AC Charger: PowerMax 50 amp dedicated charger.

Solar charge controller: Renogy 60 amp MPPT; can handle up to 1,500 watts of solar panels.

Mounted on our heavy-duty 2500 lb. capacity 4-wheeled truck with  oversize 16” wheels.

Base unit price w/ AGM Batteries:



Base unit price w/ Lithium batteries1:



*Price includes Truck Freight Delivery to the nearest freight terminal or business with a dock and forklift. Continental USA only. For other destination, please contact us.

There is an additional fee of $125 for residential delivery with liftgate service.  


1Since LiFePO4 batteries can be safely drawn down more than 95% vs. 50% for lead/acid batteries, the lithium battery option almost doubles the usable power from the battery bank vs. the stock lead/acid AGM batteries. Combine that with the lithium batteries lifespan of 3000 to 5000 deep-discharge cycles vs. 300 to 500 for even the best lead-acid batteries, and the slight added cost for the lithium batteries makes a lot of sense.

Upgrade your existing Model 5000 or Model 5500 to Lithium batteries! Includes new cable set and instructions. Free shipping anywhere in the Continental USA!

Model 5000 upgrade kit: (8 batteries w/cables)

Model 5500 upgrade: (12 batteries w/cables)


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