The Model 5000-60 TSW, our second-largest EMP-protected, true sine-wave solar generator, featuring 120 and 240 volt AC power!







Model 5000 shown with optional 250 watt solar panels



This 5,000 watt model is the next-to-largest true sine-wave unit we currently produce, and with it's premium, marine-grade AIMS inverter with proven soft-start technology, will reliably start and power anything within it's capability, even fussy items that will not run with cheaper, modified sine-wave inverters. It will run full-size refrigerators and freezers, table saws and chop saws, as well as any hand-held tools, such as drills, grinders and circular saws, etc. It will also, of course, power smaller items such as TVs, cell phones,laptops, tablets, etc.

This Model is available with a proprietary soft-start mechanism to augment the built-in system in the inverter, which allows it to reliably start and power up to to a 5 hp air compressor, or a 2 hp submersible well pump. It is NOT recommended to power large resistive loads like central air-conditioners,water heaters and electric space heaters.




Model 5000-60 overview








NEW for 2016! Comes standard with the AIMS 60 amp MPPT programmable charge controller!

Solid aluminum, RF gasketed, EMP-protected case, with lock

Mounted on a heavy-duty industrial, 1100 lb. capacity 4-wheeled truck with  oversize 13” wheels

Heavy-duty marine-grade 1,000 amp capacity Main switch

6,000 watt continuous output, 18,000 watt surge output for 20 seconds, True sine-wave, 24 VDC inverter

8 – 110 amp/hr Absorbed Glass Mat Deep-Cycle Batteries; 880 amp/hr Total Capacity

50 Amp Smart Battery Charger (AC)

Easy to access 400 Amp ANL-type main fuse, with 2 spares

Total of 2 USB charger ports, 2 cigarette lighter-style 12 volt DC receptacles, 6- 120 VAC outlets, and one, 30 amp 240 VAC twist-lock receptacle

All subsidiary circuits protected by button-reset circuit breakers

350 Amp connector for connecting to auxiliary 24 volt battery bank




Base Unit Specifications

Assembled Dimensions: 57.5” Long (includes wagon tongue, base cabinet is 47” Long), 24.75” Wide by 34.75” High

Assembled Weight: 840 lbs.

Inverter: AIMS PICOGLF60W24V230VS True sine-wave, 24 volt

Battery Bank: 8 AGM Deep-Cycle Batteries, 110 amp/hrs each.

Battery Bank Capacity: 880 Amp/hours; 10,560 Watt/hours

AC Charger: 50 Amp Smart Battery Charger

Solar Charger/Controller: NEW! AIMS 60 amp MPPT programmable controller

Base Unit Cost: $7,460.00*

*Price includes Residential Truck Freight Delivery with Lift-gate anywhere in the Continental USA. 



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Connection cable for Models 5000 and 6000 

Cable to connect 2 units together, or for an easy disconnect to an external battery bank. Heavy, 2/0 Ga. cabling for high amperage loading, with red Anderson connectors on each end to easily plug into red connectors on control panels. Availaible in 5' length increments. 

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Cable Length

Additional Battery Wiring Kits 

Add additional batteries to your Model 5000 System.


All kits on this page are for 12 volt batteries, 24 volt systems. Call or email for other options.

Kit #1: For addition of 4 batteries. Includes 2, 12" green, 2 Ga. +/- interconnects, 1 red and 1 black 1/0 Ga. Parallel connectors, and the large 2/0 Ga. connector cable, with various lengths available, plus instructions.

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Connector cable length

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