Apache AL13P Laminator with PCB Mod.



The alpha and omega of toner and foil transfer machines! Brand new, modified Apache AL13P Laminator does 1 or 2-sided toner transfers in one automated step!. Throw away that old clothes iron and the frustration that comes with it. This makes repeatably perfect toner transfers a walk in the park. Why pay good money and wait several weeks for your prototype PCB from a custom maker when you can make your own in a few minutes? I don't know about you, but my boards take several iterations before I get the layout, fit, and function perfect. It would have cost me a fortune to have these boards made, to say nothing of the waiting times.


The modification, based on Mosaicmerc's mod at https://hackaday.io/project/3363-apache-al13p-tl-320b-one-pass-pcb-toner-xfer , works by using a PIC micro-controller to automatically shuttle the board back and forth dozens of times to apply and fuse the toner to the PCB perfectly, and at a lower temperature, every time. Set-and-forget….place the board against the feed rollers, and as soon as they start it into the machine, go do something else for the 5 minutes it takes to process. Come back after about 10 minutes (to allow time to cool), peel off the paper, and etch. Using a muriatic acid/hydrogen peroxide etchant at 130 degrees F, it takes about 15 minutes for the whole process, from printing the mask pattern with an old HP laser printer, to finished, etched board. Tinning, drilling, separating into separate boards, and populating takes about another hour for the larger board in the photos.


Additional features of the modification are a temperature override that adds another 30 to 40 degrees F to the laminator's maximum of 379 degrees F for those rare times that more heat is needed, such as some types of toner. This feature is very rarely needed, but adds flexibility. Feed speed is also adjustable. The mode button toggles between PCB and regular laminator mode. Pressing and holding the mode button for a few seconds puts the machine into automatic cool-down mode by keeping the rollers turning and disabling the heater elements, preventing roller flat spots from forming. Also, the mod PCB incorporates an automatic shutdown feature if the temperature sensor malfunctions, preventing the rollers overheating.

Laminator mod board installed



mod board

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Modified Apache AL13P Laminator  

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Modification kit only. Fully assembled, programmed and tested. Includes items shown in picture below, plus illustrated instructions.



Free Shipping anywhere in the Continental USA!

Modified Apache AL13P Laminator, Modification Kit Only

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