Model 5000-60 TSW Solar Generator

The Model 5000-60 TSW, our second-largest EMP-protected, true sine-wave solar generator, featuring 120 and 240 volt AC power!







Model 5000 shown with optional 250 watt solar panels



This 5,000 watt model is the next-to-largest true sine-wave unit we currently produce, and with it's premium, marine-grade AIMS inverter with proven soft-start technology, will reliably start and power anything within it's capability, even fussy items that will not run with cheaper, modified sine-wave inverters. It will run full-size refrigerators and freezers, table saws and chop saws, as well as any hand-held tools, such as drills, grinders and circular saws, etc. It will also, of course, power smaller items such as TVs, cell phones,laptops, tablets, etc.

This Model is available with a proprietary soft-start mechanism to augment the built-in system in the inverter, which allows it to reliably start and power up to to a 5 hp air compressor, or a 2 hp submersible well pump. It is NOT recommended to power large resistive loads like central air-conditioners,water heaters and electric space heaters.




Model 5000-60 overview








NEW for 2016! Comes standard with the AIMS 60 amp MPPT programmable charge controller!

Solid aluminum, RF gasketed, EMP-protected case, with lock

Mounted on a heavy-duty industrial, 1100 lb. capacity 4-wheeled truck with  oversize 13” wheels

Heavy-duty marine-grade 1,000 amp capacity Main switch

6,000 watt continuous output, 18,000 watt surge output for 20 seconds, True sine-wave, 24 VDC inverter

8 – 110 amp/hr Absorbed Glass Mat Deep-Cycle Batteries; 880 amp/hr Total Capacity

50 Amp Smart Battery Charger (AC)

Easy to access 400 Amp ANL-type main fuse, with 2 spares

Total of 2 USB charger ports, 2 cigarette lighter-style 12 volt DC receptacles, 6- 120 VAC outlets, and one, 30 amp 240 VAC twist-lock receptacle

All subsidiary circuits protected by button-reset circuit breakers

350 Amp connector for connecting to auxiliary 24 volt battery bank




Base Unit Specifications

Assembled Dimensions: 57.5” Long (includes wagon tongue, base cabinet is 47” Long), 24.75” Wide by 34.75” High

Assembled Weight: 840 lbs.

Inverter: AIMS PICOGLF60W24V230VS True sine-wave, 24 volt

Battery Bank: 8 AGM Deep-Cycle Batteries, 110 amp/hrs each.

Battery Bank Capacity: 880 Amp/hours; 10,560 Watt/hours

AC Charger: 50 Amp Smart Battery Charger

Solar Charger/Controller: NEW! AIMS 60 amp MPPT programmable controller



Base Unit Cost: $7,460.00*



*Price includes Residential Truck Freight Delivery with Lift-gate anywhere in the Continental USA. 









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