The Model 175, Our Ultra-portable, self-contained solar generator. Includes 30 watt solar panel.


Model 175 Compact Solar Generator

The Model 175 solar generator is the second-most compact and affordable unit we currently produce, and the smallest system to deliver 120 volt AC power; which, in addition to providing emergency power for home use, also makes it perfect for camping! It will provide charging capability for all cellphones, i-Pods, etc.; even the newer iPhones that require 2.1 amps. It will also power smaller items such as small TVs, laptops, tablets, radios, etc. Combined with high-efficient CFL or LED bulbs, it will be able to provide much needed illumination when the power is out.

Featuring a 10 Amp charge controller, the Model 175 includes a 30 watt solar panel, and includes 2 jacks, so a second, 30 watt panel may be added as an option, for 60 watts total capacity.

The ulta-sturdy construction of aluminum, copper, and stainless steel will provide for many years of demanding service with a minimum of maintenance.

The finest warranty in the industry means you will NEVER have to pay any labor costs for ANY repairs, as long as you own the unit.



Standard Features:

1- 30 watt solar panel with 16' cord
Solid aluminum enclosure
Fanless design, absolutely silent, no moving parts!
175 watt continuous output, 300 watt surge* output, modified sine-wave inverter
1 – 22 amp/hr Absorbed Glass Mat Deep-Cycle Battery
2 USB charger ports,
1 cigarette lighter-style 12 volt DC receptacle
Protected by button-reset circuit breakers




Base Unit Dimensions: 8"L x 6" H x 8"W
Base Unit Weight: 25 lbs.
Solar Panel Dimensions: 26.5" L x 17" W x 1.5" T
Solar Panel Weight: 8 lbs.
Inverter: Bestek 150 watt; 300 watt surge capacity, with 2, USB ports
Battery Bank: 1- 12 volt, 22 amp/hr SLA AGM Deep-cycle battery
Solar Charger/Controller: 10 Amp Solar Charge Controller






Model 175 Compact Solar Generator with 30 watt solar panel:  $449.86

Free Shipping! (Continental US only)



Additional 30 Watt Solar Panel for Model 175:  $101.20

Free Shipping! (Continental US only)



AC Charger for Model 175:  $32.75

Free Shipping! (Continental US only)


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